Photos Showing Changes Over Time


Using Maps to Understand How St Andrews Has Changed

Combine history and geography by learning about the purpose of maps and how to use them, as well as understanding that St Andrews has changed over time.

Creative Writing

Victorian Portrait Photography: Creative Writing Task

Combine learning from previous activities by writing a diary entry pretending to be a member of the Heddle family (in around 1880) who are from St Andrews and have just had their portrait taken.

Photo Timeline

Learn about how St Andrews has changed over time in these fun activities designed to get the children to be able to identify ways in which life was different in the past.

Portrait Photos

What can we learn from Victorian portrait photography?

Learn about what the lives of people were like in the Victorian era and understand why photography is so special to St Andrews through a class discussion on Thomas Rodger and his portraits, as well as a carousel mind map activity.

Photo Collage

Combine the knowledge you have completed in other workshops together in this fun activity and also learn a little bit more about the ways in which the Victorians used photos.