Here, you can find a range of interactive activities, including maps, walking tours and teaching resources.

Being a strategically important centre, St Andrews town has witnessed many centuries of conflict. From religious wars to Scottish Wars of Independence and world wars, St Andrews has seen it all. Use this virtual walking tour to discover our stories and influential people that played a massive role in shaping the world today.

The Curious St Andrews Women Tour introduces you to many of the influential women who have passed through the university, as well as the places they lived in or worked at.

Mathematically Curious St Andrews highlights places that are important to the development of mathematics across St Andrews, which can be completed as a self-guided walking tour.

Here is a range of teaching resources to do with the history of photography across St Andrews aimed at Primary 4.

St Andrews has been a centre for research and scholarship in Scotland from the time that the University was established, and since then, students, academics and residents of the town have made remarkable contributions to science and technology, counting numerous discoveries and inventions. This tour attempts to present briefly some of these historical figures and highlights their innovative work.