Time Periods

Welcome to the Renaissance! Here you can explore the history of St Andrews up until the turn of the Seventeenth Century. Explore people such as John Napier and John Major in themes such as mathematics and logic.

The Seventeenth century saw many developments, taking big steps towards modernity. This century saw the development of education and science, including the Meridian Line and Gregorian telescope, at the hands of many locals of St Andrews.

Welcome to the modern world! This century saw maybe the most changes to society from the suffragettes and women’s movement into academia and education to meteorology, evolution and photography. Explore the amazing people who changed the world from St Andrews!

This era saw women’s education truly taking form, a better understanding of all living things, and of course two world wars. Many of the impactful moments in world history had their roots in our small town of St Andrews. Explore more here!

Nearing the world as we know it, the late 20th century saw developments in equality and humanities at the hands of students and townspeople of St Andrews. This section contains tales that will push your understanding of what qualifies as “history.” Explore stories and contributions here!