Traditions in the Quad

St Andrews is known for (at times) slightly…..odd traditions, and this group aimed to research how some of the traditions developed over various points of the university’s history are linked to the quad. This group consisted of Clara McGrane and Ingrid Hager.

The Origins of the Pier Walk

Have you ever wondered why hundreds of red gown cladded students make their way along the pier every Sunday? So did we, and it turns out the answer is not as some people might expect! Check out this video by Clara to learn more about the origins of this tradition!

The Origin of Raisin

How on earth did a tradition evolve that led to first year undergraduates having a foam fight in lower college lawn? Did you know there has been periods where raisin was banned due to misbehaviour? Find out more in Ingrid’s video!

The events and perception of Raisin

Have you ever tried to explain raisin to someone not from St Andrews and been met by a mixture of confusion and judgement? Check out this video to find out more about the portrayal of raisin to the people and places who have come into contact with this quirky tradition!

Raisin Receipts and Academic Families

Manere curiosus! Raisin receipts are often an important part of the traditions involved in raisin weekend and in this video Clara takes us through how these receipts were used and evolved, and you can learn about when they were written in Latin!