About Us

The Curious St Andrews project has been running since September 2020 with the aim of developing effective and sustainable options for engaging members of the public with the history of research, scholarship, and inquiry in St Andrews. The team is made up of a group of students who come from a range of subject backgrounds and academic years, so each student brings a unique perspective to the project. Everyone is united by a common interest in inspiring the public to discover, learn, and explore St Andrews.

We are assisted by a supervisory team with diverse expertise:
Aileen Fyfe and Bill Jenkins (School of History)
Isobel Falconer (School of Mathematics)
Bonnie Hacking (Careers Centre and School of Management)
Bess Rhodes, Alan Miller and Iain Oliver (School of Computer Science)

We are also grateful to all the students, past and present, who have contributed to developing this project:
Alex Brown-Hernandez
Bethany Astor
Deming Rohlfs 
Francesca Lavelle
Francesco Alessandrini Lupia
Kristoffer Naas
Lara Bautista
Laura Scott
Lucia Cathers
Navya Saini
Rebecca Hamill 
Thomas Bender