Working in the Quad

Our goal this semester was to research into how the quad was used as a location for academic work. We explored the various changes to the buildings, as well as what was happening with the buildings. This group consisted of Jess Kettlewood and Megan Briers.

Architectural changes in the Quad

The quad has not always looked like it does today. The 19th century was full of various architectural changes to the quad, including work by William Nixon and Robert Reid.

If architectural history seems right up your street, then check out the video created by Meg on the changes on the various reconstruction projects in the quad, including some cool looks at architectural plans courtesy of special collections!

The Evolution of Teaching in the Quad

Did you know that maths students used to have their classes in the quad, with the picturesque views, instead of being stuck in North Haugh? As maths students, we felt betrayed and decided to research into how teaching has evolved inside and eventually out of the quad, check out Jess’ video here to learn more!

Accommodation in the Quad

Students used to live, eat and sleep within the four walls of the quad. If you want to learn about the gradual changes in accommodation style, and what life used to be like when you didn’t have to walk for 20 minutes to get to anything (#DRAlife) then check out the video on the right, created by Meg. This video takes you through the gradual change that saw students move out into town and other specifically created accommodation, as well as discussing the introduction of women into the university and current accommodation for students.