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St Andrews is just a small town on the eastern coast of Scotland, yet it is a place full of history. It has been home to various individuals with fascinating life stories and various goals. On this website, we aim to provide you with interesting material about these personalities connected to St Andrews. 

Some contributed to scientific research or debates in the humanities, while others fought for changes in society by promoting women’s rights or worked artistically. Some of these people were from St Andrews, others came to St Andrews – from elsewhere in Scotland, from Great Britain, or from abroad – these internationals deserve their own thread. In addition, we would like to draw your attention to interesting women. You can browse the personalities by using the search function, or you can find them ordered by category. However, you may find one personality in several places, as we want to show you that St Andrews has been a dynamic place, and that people do not always fit into one box.

So relax, enjoy, and be curious!

Trivia Quiz Question

Saba Douglas-Hamilton is a conservationist and film producer. What did she study at St Andrews?
For more information about Saba Douglas-Hamilton click here.

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Curious St Andrews has hosted a discussion about historic feminism and ways to be an effective activist in your everyday life. Team members Lara Bautista and Deming Rohlfs, as well as Rector’s Assessor Stella Maris, talked about different feminists of St Andrews and ongoing efforts in favour of women’s equality.