Religion in the Quad

Our goal this semester was to research the history of St Salvator’s Chapel and its impact on the student body. We focussed on the period from the collapse of the roof in 1773 up until the 20th century. This group consisted of Nat Dando and Paddy Morrison.

The History of Religion

Want to learn more about the….

  • Collapse of the chapel roof in 1773?!
  • Installation of windows in the cloisters?
  • History of the stained glass windows in the chapel?

Then check out this video Nat made about how religion and the quad have gone hand in hand since it’s foundation!

The Bells of St Salvator’s

Bell bell bell…what do we have here?

Did you know the chapel in the quad has 6 bells? Could you tell me any of their names, or even when they were first put into the chapel? If the answer to either of those is no, then we’d recommend checking out this video from Paddy about the history of the bells in St Salvator’s chapel!