Science Quiz

Who was the first man, also a St Andrews professor, to write a textbook on calculus?

What was John Major’s key area of study?

Which St Andrews college was John Napier a student of?

What did Saba Douglas-Hamilton study at the University of St Andrews?

What did Sir D’Arcy Wentworth Thompson write?

Which epoch division did Charles Lapworth propose?

Which medical department was Dr Margaret Fairlie head of in Dundee?

What was James Bell-Pettigrew’s role within St Andrews Medical department?

During which civil war did George Martine, the Younger lead a riot as a student at the University of St Andrews?

What did Adeline Herbert Campbell do during the First World War?

Which chemical compound did Sir Robert Robinson invent a symbol for?

Where was Robert Adamson educated?

What was Iván Szabό’s profession?

What photographic method did Thomas Rodger develop?